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Welcome to our new website

The Progress Portal presents a new website format for the North Carolina Progress Board that offers you a variety of information that can, and should, help shape the state's public policy discussions.

The Progress Board's mission is to help North Carolina's leaders and citizens stay focused on the big picture: the long-term goals and needs of our state and her citizens. This means setting milestones, checking progress, reporting data, recommending course corrections, and scanning imaginative solutions to jumpstart change.

With this website, we put critical information at your fingertips, organized in an easy-to-follow format to encourage thoughtful debate. Ultimately, we hope this will increase citizen involvement in decision-making; improve our leaders' ability to identify promising programs and policies and promote accountability in government.

The website has seven major divisions, each with a link in the navigation box on the left-hand side of the opening page. Click on:

Scorecard … to see how the state is doing on numerous carefully selected indicators of progress.

Issues and Strategies ... to read about best practices from North Carolina and other states or other promising idea.

Regional Issues ... learn more about regions around the state and issues affecting those segments of the population.

Facts and More ... to find a variety of information about NC organizations, sources of information and facts about the state.

Agency Links ... to locate public and private agencies providing information, analysis, advocacy, and services.

Hot Topics ... to read the latest news about important public policy issues.

About Us … to learn more about Progress Board's mission, accomplishments, products, members and staff.

For a more detailed outline of our website, check our site map.

Information on this website will be updated frequently. Come back often. And let us know what you think. We welcome your comments and suggestions for how we can make this website even more useful.       Contact us...