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   Healthy Children and Families
    Safe and Vibrant Communities
    Quality Education For All
    A High Performance Workforce
    A Sustainable Environment
    A Prosperous Economy
    21st Century Infrastructure
    Active Citizenship / Accountable Government
Current Issues
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Future Strategies
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Facts & More
      Job and Population Trends
      Demographics and Social Statistics
      Economic Data 
      County and Local Information
      Web Links for Youngsters
      Tourism and Recreation
      North Carolina Culture
      Outstanding North Carolinians
      Maps and Directions
      Links to More Links
      General Reference
Agency Links
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Hot Topics
About Us
      Our Work
        2005 N. C. 20/20 Update Report
 N.C. 20/20: A North Carolina NOW Special Report
       Our State, Our Money:
          A Citizens' Guide to the North Carolina Budget
        North Carolina 20/20
        Eight Imperatives for the Year 2020 (pdf)
        Measuring Our Progress: Targets for
          the Year 2010 (pdf)
       Measuring Up to the Challenge: A Prosperous
          North Carolina in a Competitive World (pdf)
       The Future of North Carolina: Goals and
          Recommendations for the Year 2000

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