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Charting Other Progress

Planning For Our Future

Other Scorecards provide information on areas beyond the eight imperatives and views of how North Carolina can make progress in those areas.

Grading the States - Government Performance Project

State Performance  
Government Performance Project A non-partisan, independent research program, the Government Performance Project evaluates how well state governments perform their basic management functions and explores how this research can be used by states to serve citizens better. The Govern-ment Performance Project gives state governments information and data they can use to improve management and achieve goals.
North Carolina's Performance The state has an impressive statewide strategic plan that includes outcome-oriented performance goals. Agencies, for the most part, develop strategic plans, though these plans vary in quality. IT planning is progressing due to the recent reorganization effort...

Healthy Children and Families

NC Child Advocacy Institute (NCCAI) Seeks to improve the well-being of young North Carolinians with emphasis is on improving ways government and public policy affects the lives and life prospects of all NC children and youth. Compiles up-to-date statistics, analyzes indicators of child well-being and conducts policy research and development.
United Health Foundation A nonprofit, private foundation with a mission to support the health and medical decisions made by physicians, health professionals, community leaders and individuals that lead to better health outcomes and healthier communities.