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Imperative 8
Active Citizenship /
Accountable Government

Our Vision

Knowledgeable, informed citizens actively participate in their state and local governments and hold their governments accountable for the revenues they receive and the services they provide. Accountable government is effective, efficient, and responsive government. It addresses the changing needs of the state and its citizens in an efficient, appropriate, and equitable manner.
Enhance citizen involvement in civic affairs Voter Participation
Community Service
Minority Involvement
Civic involvement is no mere luxury. In a democracy, the power to govern derives from the people. Voting is the most fundamental form of civic engagement, but also important are the voluntary activities that enable us to create a sense of community.
Promote effective & efficient government

Government Efficiency
State Government Performance
Local Government Performance

We have the right to expect the best from our state and local governments. With the taxes and fees we pay them, our state governments, cities, counties, schools and special districts should deliver outstanding services and provide superior facilities. We should accept nothing less.

Provide responsible & open government State Government Stewardship
Local Government Stewardship
Fiscal health is a prerequisite to effective government. Our public officials should be good stewards of funds they manage and conduct public business in an open and honest manner.