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Imperative 5
A Sustainable Environment

Our Vision

As stewards of the environment, North Carolinians preserve and protect the state’s vast resources. The quality of the air, water, and land will be maintained and enhanced. The collection and dissemination of environmental data will reflect advanced technology and communication tools.
Ensure clean air & water resources Clean Air
Surface water
Safe Drinking Water
Pollution control
In some respects, North Carolina has made significant progress in protecting its air and water over the past 20 years. Four of the six primary air pollutants have declined since the 1970s. Sewage treatment plants are dumping less noxious waste into rivers. All is far from well, however. Ground-level ozone has been on the increase. Non-point source pollution -- such as runoff from roads and agricultural lands -- threatens the quality of streams, rivers, and estuaries.
Preserve precious & productive natural resources

Land preservation
Coastal fish protection
Energy conservation

The renewable natural resources that have provided sustenance and income to generations of North Carolinians -- our land, coastal assets and energy -- can never be taken for granted. Significant steps will be necessary to allow these resource to regenerate and then to protect their diversity and productivity.

Employ vigorius & cost effective environmental strategies Development efficiency
Sewer safety
Solid waste
Hazardous wastes
While the state's growing population aids economic vitality, it also poses serious challenges. Urban sprawl gobbles farm and forest land, generates unhealthy air, and increases gasoline consumption. At the same time we must continue to invest in environmental management strategiesto minimize the impact of various wastes.