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Imperative 4
A High Performance Workforce

Our Vision

North Carolina workers will adapt quickly to changing demands of the global workplace through their abilities to use information, think analytically, work in teams, and use technology. North Carolina workers will be prepared for these changes as a result of a partnership between the public and private sector that recognizes the importance of family-sustaining wages and benefits for all jobs. This combination will result in establishing a standard for a prosperous economy. Employers will recognize employees as an important asset and provide compensation and work environments that value workers.
Produce graduates with competitive skills Basic Educational Attainment
Advanced Educational Attainment
Technical education
The globalization of the economy hits home especially hard in the way it affects jobs. North Carolina competes for jobs not just with Ohio and Georgia, but with China, Germany, and Mexico. North Carolina workers need knowledge and skills to adapt to the changing workplace. Sadly we lag other states in the percent of adults who hold high school and college degrees.
Offer innovative & accessible continuous learning

Basic skills training
Vocational training
Technical training

Workers today must be continuously learning new skills. Technology brings rapid changes to the workplace, and economic restructuring means people today face more frequent job changes than their parents did. North Carolina's community college system, workforce training programs and other distance education initiatives are expected to play an increasingly important role in workforce training and retraining.

Support safe & rewarding work environments Competitive wages
Equitable pay
Workplace safety
Just as workers must adapt to new realities, so must employers. Increasing social mobility gives good workers opportunities to seek new jobs with better compensation and benefits. At a minimum, both workers and society demand that every workplace provides a safe, healthy environment.