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Imperative 2
Safe & Vibrant Communities

Our Vision

Communities of every size and in every region of the state offer their citizens a desirable quality of life. Citizens live in safety and in harmony. Communities achieve economic and environmental sustainability as home, civic, and cultural life prospers. Everyone and communities celebrate a vitality evident in the proportion of young people who choose to remain at home, or to return home, for their adult years.
Maintain safe neighborhoods Violent crime
Property crime
Community security
North Carolina has been making progress in reducing many types of crime. However, people also need to feel safe from disasters and secure that, in an emergency, they will receive prompt and competent assistance.
Promote adequate & affordable housing

Home ownership
Housing availability
Home affordability

Most people understand the difference good housing makes, not only for individuals and their families, but to the community as a whole. North Carolina, however, faces a significant challenge in meeting the demand for adequate and affordable housing. Central cities need more affordable housing and some parts of the state are plagued by substandard and overcrowded housing.

Deliver responsive community-based care Child day care
Long-term care
If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes that same village to nurture an adolescent, support the parents, grandparents, and -- increasingly -- lend a helping hand to the great-grandparents. Support services can make the difference between a family that thrives and contributes to the community and a family immobilized by financial and emotional overload.
Welcome racial & ethnic diversity Community involvement
Financial participation
For all the ties that bind North Carolinians together, there remain wedges that drive us apart and lingering gaps in income, health, and school achievement. Yet our communities will never achieve their potential, will never be truly vibrant places to live and grow, until we embrace all members of the community equally and profit from their contributions to civic life.