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These reports from the Progress Board and its predecessors may be downloaded in pdf format. Click on the publication title to download the document or obtain more information. If you need the free Adobe Reader® to view downloaded documents click here.

Publications and Documents

2006 N. C. Educational Update Report (Draft) This report, the 2006 North Carolina Educational Update (Draft) provides a snapshot of key educational trends and indicators for North Carolina, and perhaps a harbinger of our state’s long-term competitive capacity.
2005 N. C. 20/20 Update Report This report reflects the rapid changes North Carolina is undergoing in its population and economy, and highlights the State’s comparative standing in scorecard format for the eight imperatives previously identified as critical to the future wellbeing of the State. We will continue to update it on a regular basis as new data pertaining to our adopted goals and targets becomes available.
N.C. 20/20: A North Carolina NOW Special Report The Progress Board cooperated with the UNC Center for Public Television to produce this special televised examination of the North Carolina 20/20 report. It includes an overview of the report and discussions by a variety of state leaders and citizens.
Our State, Our Money: A Citizens' Guide to the North Carolina Budget In plain English, this guide explains how the N.C. General Assembly makes decisions about the state budget, revenue sources, where the money goes, and how individual citizens can affect the process. It was first published in 2003.
North Carolina 20/20 Published in 2001, the North Carolina 20/20 report offers a comprehensive examination of challenges facing North Carolina in the 21st century and offers benchmarks to measure forward progress on eight key imperatives.
Eight Imperatives for the Year 2020 (pdf) Think of this as an executive summary of the North Carolina 20/20 report. It touches the basics in 50 pages. The full report runs 243 pages.
Measuring Our Progress: Targets for the Year 2010 (pdf) Issued in February 2000, Measuring Our Progress updates measures and targets for four of the imperatives first outlined by the Progress Board.
Measuring Up to the Challenge: A Prosperous North Carolina in a Competitive World (pdf) Issued by the Commission for a Competitive North Carolina in 1995, this report gave the Progress Board its start. It defines the eight imperatives and recommends that the General Assembly establish a permanent board to monitor progress.
The Future of North Carolina: Goals and Recommendations for the Year 2000 Known as the N.C. 2000 Report, this research study was issued in 1983. It offered a short-term version of what would become the Progress Board's work.