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Title: “F as in Fat: How Obesity Policies are Failing in America”
Author: Trust for America's Health
Publication & Date: Trust for America's Health, www.healthyamericans.org, August, 2005

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Obesity rates continued to rise last year in every state but one. Governmental policies and actions to date offer little hope of countering the trend. Key recommended policy action items include: bolstering preventive care, leveraging change in food options, smarter community design, improving school nutrition and physical education, providing more useful information and support.

Primary Findings

  • In 2003, obesity-attributable medical costs nationwide totaled $75 billion, with taxpayers
    responsible for $39 billion of these costs
  • In 2004, North Carolina (24.2%) ranked slightly above the national average (23.2%) for percentage
    of adults considered obese
  • In 2004, 6% of North Carolinian adults were diabetic and NC’s rate of hypertension in adults
    (28.6%) was almost 4 points above the national average (24.8%)

Primary Policy Proposals

  • Coordinate leadership for preventing obesity in children and youth
  • Regulate nutritional labeling to make product comparisons and decisions
  • Conduct media campaigns and community programs encouraging healthy living and regular
    physical activity
  • Expand opportunities for physical activity
  • Engage pediatricians, family physicians, nurses, and other clinicians in prevention of childhood
  • Educate on healthful eating behaviors and regular physical activity

Implementation Barriers

  • Improving statistics on obesity relies upon personal responsibility
Imperative 1: Healthy Children and Families
   Goal 1.2: Encourage Healthier Lifestyles
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