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Imperative 3
Quality Education for All

Our Vision

A quality education is essential to success in an increasingly competitive, ever changing workplace. Education must provide the tools needed for citizens to become solid contributors to the state’s economy, culture, and civic, social and religious life. In our vision, North Carolina's education system will strengthen public schools so every child has an equal opportunity to succeed and every graduate is ready for work or additional education. All citizens of every age will have access to continuing educational opportunities through a seamless education partnership between the secondary and post-secondary educational systems in the state.


Goal 1: North Carolinians have a basic 14-year education, and graduates will have the knowledge and skills needed to be competitive in the global economy and fully participate in our democratic system.

Goal 2: All public school students will have access to schools that create a supportive learning environment, and every student is provided an equal opportunity to reach his or her potential.

Goal 3: More North Carolinians will complete two- and four-year degrees in preparation for a knowledge-oriented economy and society.