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Imperative 6
A Prosperous Economy

Our Vision

North Carolina’s growing, dynamic economy is competitive in the global marketplace. It is diversified. High-quality jobs are plentiful across all economic, geographic and demographic sectors, without undue reliance on too few industries. “Knowledge workers” dominate the workforce, and citizens take advantage of modern communications and technology to create new economic opportunities.

Sound, strategic investments in people and infrastructure have accelerated our transition from traditional to knowledge-based economies. Through our willingness to think boldly -- and our faith in ourselves -- we have built a "New Economy" laboratory on the foundation of our traditional economic strengths. Through research and reinvention, we have made our agrarian and manufacturing past a vital part of today’s prosperous economy.


Goal 1: Promote dynamic, diverse, and sustainable economic growth across all regions and demographic groups.

Goal 2: Expand the emerging economy sectors, including technology and other knowledge-based businesses.

Goal 3: Revitalize the traditional economic sectors and ensure their competitiveness in national and global markets.

Goal 4: Promote the expansion of international markets and facilitate access to foreign capital and commerce.