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Imperative 4
A High Performance Workforce

Our Vision

North Carolina workers will adapt quickly to changing demands of the global workplace through their abilities to use information, think analytically, work in teams, and use technology. North Carolina workers will be prepared for these changes as a result of a partnership between the public and private sector that recognizes the importance of family-sustaining wages and benefits for all jobs. This combination will result in establishing a standard for a prosperous economy. Employers will recognize employees as an important asset and provide compensation and work environments that value workers.


Goal 1: North Carolinians will have the knowledge, competencies, and skills needed to adapt to the ever-changing global economy.

Goal 2: Employees will have access to continuous learning opportunities to remain competitive in the global economy.

Goal 3: Workplaces in North Carolina will be safe places for employees to work, provide competitive salaries, offer growth opportunities, and respect workers.