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Imperative 1
Healthy Children and Families

Our Vision

Families and individuals of all ages thrive in North Carolina. From early childhood well past retirement, our citizens are mentally and physically fit, with no significant differences in health across racial, ethnic, or geographic lines. Our most vulnerable citizens — children and the elderly — are surrounded by a supportive family and community.


Foster financial self reliance

Family Income
Child Poverty
Elder Poverty

Encourage healthy lifestyles Longevity
Substance abuse
Ensure access to good health care Health insurance
Primary care access
Child health care
Mental health care
Sustain stable & nurturing families Family stability
Child neglect
Domestic abuse

Goal 1: Fewer North Carolinians will live in poverty and near poverty.

Goal 2: North Carolinians will follow good health practices.

Goal 3: North Carolinians will have access to health care.

Goal 4: Safety and stability will be at the heart of every family.