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Imperative 8
Active Citizenship / Accountable Government

Our Vision

Knowledgeable, informed citizens actively participate in their state and local governments and hold their governments accountable for the revenues they receive and the services they provide. Citizens are empowered and actively engaged in government. As the owners of government, they have a vested interest in governance, demanding accountability, effective and appropriate services, and responsiveness.

Accountable government is effective, efficient, and responsive government. It addresses the changing needs of the state and its citizens in an efficient, appropriate, and equitable manner. It demonstrates sound planning and fiscal management. It encourages its citizens to be informed participants in civic affairs and actively involved in the governing process.


Goal 1: Citizens assume an active, informed, and meaningful role in civic affairs at all levels.

Goal 2: State and local governments are accountable and accessible to all citizens.

Goal 3: State and local governments are effective, efficient, financially sound, and responsive to all citizens.