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News Releases

As news releases and articles about the NC 20/20 report and other publications become available we will post them here for your review. Check back often to see what's new!

Public loses if Board dies, May 28, 2006 Rob Christensen, News and Observer, Raleigh, NC - Decisions that drive state government are often made by the seat of the pants. Spending priorities are often decided in back-room negotiations, or in campaign back shops on the basis of polling data.
News and Observer: Original press release September 26, 2005 Rob Christensen, News and Observer, Raleigh, NC - Article on the 2005 NC progress report on the state's conditions has mixed results - and draws mixed reactions...
Charlotte Observer:
N.C. making some progress, but lagging in other areas.
September 26, 2005
Gary D. Robertson, Associated Press,
Raleigh, NC - An interim report on whether North Carolina is approaching quality-of-life goals set in 2001 finds some targets are being met, while other aims are further away than before...

Fitzsimon File
September 27, 2005

Chris Fitzsimon - The release of the Progress Board report about the quality of life in North Carolina ought to jump start debates about the problems that continue to plague too many of the state's people. Health care would be a good place to start...

September 27, 2005

NC meeting some quality-of-life goals, is lagging on others...
Charlotte Observer: Progress, Slowly, October 3, 2005 Charlotte Observer's article "Progress, slowly..." on how the NC Progress Board's 2005 report provides benchmarks for NC to shoot for...

ABC TV 11 News
September 26, 2005

N.C. Making Progress, But Lagging in
Other Areas...
Rock Mount Telegram: September 26, 2005 The 2005 NC 20/20 update doesn't create a grading system to measure North Carolina's
performance. Rather it compared North Carolina data in each category to the
2020 goal and how the current rate ranks nationwide and among the 10 southeastern states...
News 14 Carolina: September 27, 2005 Associated Press: N.C. making some progress, but lagging in other areas - 9/27/2005 - Quality-of-life in North Carolina has improved in some areas and faltered in others.
That's according to an interim report on whether the state is approaching goals set in 2001.
Dateline Alabama: Tuscaloosa News - September 26, 2005 Gary D. Robertson, Associated Press. - The North North Carolina Progress Board said Monday the state has already attained targets set for 2020 in about a dozen of 84 areas being monitored...