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Develop programs to promote good nutrition, encourage
healthier lifestyles and reduce obesity to 15% of NC population
by 2020.
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Featured Idea
After a health alarm Arkansas’ governor Mike Huckabee launched a public crusade to fight obesity. He lost 105 pounds and is pushing for innovations in the state including:
  • Converting sick days to vacation days for healthy people, replacing smoke
    breaks with exercise breaks, and requiring restaurants to publish the caloric
    and fat content of their food
  • Taxing soft drinks at $.02 per can of soft drinks generating an estimated $40
    million a year used to fund the state match portion of their Medicaid program
  • Providing financial incentives for state employees, co-payments eliminated for
    preventive services, $20 monthly reduction in insurance premiums for taking
    part in voluntary health risk survey
  • Challenging his staff to a contest using personal pedometers to win the best parking spot for two weeks.

Other Promising Ideas
Additional solutions implemented in other states are:

  • Child care centers - Improve nutrition & physical activity environments & practices in child care centers.
  • Physical education standards - Require standards for physical education in elementary and middle schools.
  • Junk food tax - Levy fees on soft drinks and snack foods, “junk food tax” (17 States and DC). 
  • Reduction of premiums - Reduce employees’ health insurance premiums for filling out voluntary health survey (AR; King County, WA). 
  • Voluntary Health Assessments/Surveys - Offer monetary rewards to state employees taking health assessments ($50) and attaining personal goals ($100) (SD).  
  • Reimbursement for Health Maintenance  - Reimburse state employees of up to $300 for purchase of health maintenance items (SD). 

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
American Obesity Association
Eat Smart, Move More North Carolina

Imperative 1: Healthy Children and Families
   Goal 1.2: Encourage Healthier Lifestyles
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