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Public Progress Boards

Progress Boards provide information about benchmarking and metrics about progress toward goals and offer a variety of information about state activities.

North Carolina

North Carolina Progress Board The North Carolina Progress Board offers an entrée to information that help shape the state's public policy discussions. Reports on trends toward key goals for NC and a variety of information about the state.

Other State Boards

Oregon An independent state planning and oversight agency created by the Legislature in 1989 to keep Oregon focused on the future, the Board is responsible for implementing the state's 20-year strategic plan, Oregon Shines. The 12 member panel, chaired by the governor, is made up of citizen leaders and reflects the state's social, ethnic and political diversity.
Council On Virginia's Future Created in July, 2003 to establish ways to measure Virginia's current status, prioritize future goals and establish metrics to measure progress toward meeting those goals.
Minnesota Milestones

Minnesota Milestones was created in 1991 in the belief that a shared vision, clear goals and measurement of results would lead to a better future for Minnesota. The report uses 70 progress indicators to determine whether the state is achieving 19 publicly determined goals grouped in four broad areas: People, Community and Democracy, Economy and Environment.

Council for a Better Louisiana (CABL) Unique among statewide organizations, CABL promotes ideas for the betterment of Louisiana that cut across political, social and ideological boundaries. CABL's greatest asset has always been its members. The organization draws from a rich resource of citizen leaders who bring a wealth of experience, expertise and fresh ideas to the discussion of important public policies.
The Florida Monitor The Florida Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA) is a special staff unit of the Legislature created by state law under the oversight of the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee. OPPAGA examines agencies and programs to improve services and cut costs when directed by state law, the presiding officers, or the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee.
Maine Development Foundation (MDF)

The Maine Development Foundation (MDF) is the oldest and one of the most successful statewide public-private partnerships in the nation. MDF was created by the Governor and Legislature in 1978 as a private, non-profit corporation with a broad mandate to promote Maine's economy. MDF is financed primarily with private resources and drives sustainable, long-term economic growth for Maine. MDF stimulates new ideas, develops leaders, and provides common ground for solving problems and advancing issues.

Regional Boards

Portland Multnoma Board The Portland Multnomah Progress Board identifies, monitors, and reports on indicators (named Benchmarks) for important community-wide goals. The Board identifies major trends in the community and acts as a catalyst for government, business, and community groups to improve the performance of the benchmarks. A series of reports on major population trends in the Portland Metro area.

Local Boards

Oakland, CA: Redefining Progress Redefining Progress (RP) works with a broad array of partners to shift the economy and public policy towards sustainability. RP collaborates with partners because sustainability requires the broad engagement of individuals, organizations, and institutions. Redefining Progress works with partners to change technology, influence the choices individuals make, and resolve pressing social and environmental issues. RP also adds to our partners’ efforts by pursuing systemic change in underlying economic, political, and social mechanisms.

Other Boards

Progress Board - British Columbia BC Progress Board: Working to Move British Columbia Forward - In July 2001, the Premier formed the BC Progress Board, an independent Panel of fifteen eminent British Columbians from a variety of backgrounds from around the province. The Board is tasked with benchmarking BC over time and relative to other jurisdictions, and with providing strategic advice to the Premier on measures to improve provincial economic performance and the well-being of British Columbians.