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About Us

Since 1995, the North Carolina Progress Board has served as an independent proponent for strategic thinking, action, and accountability in the state's public policy arena.

New Policy Products Under Development

This year, the North Carolina Progress Board (NCPB) will publish several public policy information products via our website, the North Carolina Progress Portal.  Our goal is to help public officials and citizens alike navigate the thicket of public policy information—by packaging it in standard, more user-friendly formats.  To that end, we have designed five new products that will translate traditional public policy data into more concise and visually compelling formats.  Those products are:



Sample Scorecard Weight

A report card on North Carolina’s progress toward attaining one of its strategic performance targets.
An overview of one critical public policy issue facing our state coupled with a brief story about how that issue affects one person or family. ;
A working list of promising practices or ideas for advancing North Carolina’s long-term progress and competitiveness.
A one-page abstract of an important article, report or research paper addressing one of the key public policy issues facing North Carolina.
An organizational portrait of an entity or program with a mandate to solve one of North Carolina’s public policy issues. .

These new information products are inter-related components of our new systematic approach to tracking public policy issues in

North Carolina. Please review the sample formats for these new products and let us know how we might improve them.

Our purpose and information about us is summarized below. Click on any of the links to read more about each section.

Our Work The background, mission, and strategies guiding what we do.
History A quick review of how we were founded and our work to date.
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