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Introduction to Website

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Welcome to the Portal for Information About North Carolina and Content From the Former NC Progress Board!

This website offers you an entrée to information that can, and should, help shape the state's public policy discussions.

Note: The Progress Board was closed at the end of 2006 when the NC Legislature terminated state funding at the direction of Governor Easley and his staff. NCPB reports and recommended information sources remain available for your use on this website. The Governor concluded that the reports on this website did not present him in a favorable light on trends and progress in NC and directed his associates to close down the NCPB.

The NCPB office is no longer located on the NCSU Campus and work produced by the group is preserved here for your research needs.

Please send us your thoughts on continuing the work of the Board and how it may be best implemented.


North Carolina Progress

Click to view the new 2006 Education Report on the status of education in NC. The document is in draft form and is now available for public review to obtain comments and suggestions on how it may be improved. Submit comments by email.

The Progress Board has released the latest figures showing how far North Carolina has gone toward meeting its long-term goals — and how much remains to be done. View the complete 2005 NC 2020 report. Additional details are available on this website under the Scorecard link. The North Carolina Scorecard will update nearly 100 indicators of progress outlined in North Carolina 20/20, a report released in 2001. It will continue to divide the indicators into eight interrelated issue areas, called imperatives: Quality Education; High Performance Workforce; Sustainable Environment; Prosperous Economy; 21st Century Infrastructure; Healthy Children and Families; Safe and Vibrant Communities; and Accountable Government/Active Citizenship.

NC Job & Population Trends

The Progress Board plans to start tracking historical and projected trends that influence public needs and resources, as well as North Carolina’s competitive status. The GIS maps posted in our Facts and More section, created by students from the Warren Wilson College, provide a glimpse into the kind of data we hope to provide for the public.

11/06 - New maps from WWC have been posted on the GIS maps page.

New NCPB Policy Products /Free Market Ideas

This year, the North Carolina Progress Board will publish several new public policy information products on this website. Our goal is to help public officials and citizens navigate public policy information in standard, more user-friendly formats. To that end, we have designed five new products that will translate traditional public policy data into more concise and visually compelling formats.  Read more...

Getting fit — together

The North Carolina 20/20 report targets lower rates of obesity for children and adults. Fit Together North Carolina shows steps individuals, families, and communities can take to increase fitness through better eating and more active lifestyles. Interactive links allow you to assess your own fitness level.